• Do you have a fear of success?
    Even if you don’t think so, stick with me for minute.
    Do you ever feel ready to take it to the next level, and yet sometimes find yourself behaving in ways that directly conflict with what you say you want?
    Maybe you dream of financial freedom and running a small business that will help you get there, but when it comes to pulling the trigger, you find yourself frozen in action.
    Or maybe you dream of having the energy and confidence that comes from taking better care of your body, and yet you still eat crap food and never make time to work out.
    If you suspect a limiting belief may be holding you back, pay close attention.
    Because your beliefs drive your behavior.
    It doesn’t matter how much you say you want success, if you believe somewhere deep inside that success equals some kind of pain (loss of freedom, loss of time with your family, loss of love, rejection, embarrassment, vulnerability or shame) you will NOT let yourself do what it takes to succeed.
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”Your subconscious is a powerful and mysterious force which can either hold you back or help you move forward. Without its cooperation, your best goals will go unrealized; with its help, you are unbeatable.”  


”One of the unfortunate things about our education system is that we do not teach students how to avail themselves of their subconscious capabilities.”

”Nobody ever arrives at a very big idea through a conscious, rational thought process. It comes from your unconscious.”